Allocating time

We all have different amounts of money, but each week, every person has exactly the same amount of time at their disposal (except, of course, those who sadly depart).

None of us know how much time we have left, but whatever the amount, it’s certainly less than was available a year ago. So the ability to allocate all your time exactly how you choose is a worthwhile goal for this most precious of assets.

For most people, planning to reach financial independence is the best way to achieve that goal. I started taking this seriously from age 30, but honestly didn’t really know exactly what I’d be doing with all this new time. Only once stopping work was I able to explore various ways to do this. I document my activities in my online diary.

Having freedom to allocate time as you want doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t work. I do work. I just don’t get paid, and it’s mostly very different from work I used to get paid to do.

Sometimes people offer to pay me for work, but my current policy is to decline. That gives me maximum flexibility to pick and choose what work I do. In other words, I’m seeking all the benefits of work except money.

But I don’t allocate all my time to work. Sometimes I walk, hold community events, stare at the wall, write computer programs, visit friends and family and other activities that I want to indulge in.

My most important tool these days is my calendar, since that is the primary way I have to allocate forthcoming time. Most weeks are pretty full, but odd days exist when I choose what to do on the spur of the moment.

And then my diary helps me review and remember how I allocated time gone by.

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