Artocalypse Blog Carnival July 2024: My Digital Art Journey

I’m so excited to be hosting the very first Artocalypse Blog Carnival, to be held during July 2024.

This is part of a series of launch events for the Artocalypse, a new community platform for IndieWeb Artists which uses the power of RSS to showcase their work.

I’m a co-founder of the Artocalypse, along with Kimberly. I do the tech stuff while she handles the artistic and expo sides.

So, what better topic for our first carnival than

My Digital Art Journey

There are a myriad of different art forms: visual, writing, performing, sculpting, musical and so on. The digital tools available now provide a variety of different ways to express, publish or sell your art.

What was your journey?

How do you present yourself and your art to the world?

I really can’t wait to read your entries. Especially from those who probably don’t consider themselves artists like bloggers, coders, cooks, gardeners and the like. Everyone and anyone who has a touch of artistry to their creativity.

How to enter

  • Open to anyone. Post in any language you like (preferably one on google translate so I can read it!)
  • Write the post on your own website that can be read without logging in (so not social media or paywall sites).
    • If you don’t have a website, write an article in google docs, set the sharing permission to “Anyone with the link can view” and submit that!
  • Include a link to this post at either the beginning or the end and state this is your entry for the July 2024 Artocalypse Blog Carnival.
  • Send me the post link to any time between now and 31 July.
  • I will then do a roundup post in early August with a short write up of all the entries and links back to your posts.
  • The Artocalypse will be promoting the roundup post on its website and social media channels.

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