Design thoughts

I need a second post on the blog so I can check that the layout and flow works.

So here it is.

But it’s also a useful point to document the thinking behind the sites design. This is a site where I want to write and organise the writing as easily as possible. But I also want readers to have as a distraction free experience as as possible, but make it easy for them to explore the rest of the site if they wish.

So here is my initial thoughts on a site design:

  • No header, logo, menu or other distraction at the top. Except for a discrete button to go from light to dark (and default to the user’s browser preference initially)
  • Every page starts with a title. No author, date, read time, category, tag etc
  • Then the post content
  • No comments enabled. But I will have a central guest book at some point.
  • At the bottom of the page, some menus and text to allow the reader to discover more content on the site.
  • The home page will contain the latest post, in the same layout as other pages in the site

The colours and font will be neutral. I’ll play around with some different options, but I don’t want either to draw attention to itself.

Posts will have multiple categories and tags, which wordpress will autogenerate archive pages for. Most likely, I’ll in-line link to these from posts when necessary, rather than creating a laundry list of navigation links in a menu.

If I change my mind on the principles in the future, I’ll write another post to explain why.

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