Digital art swap – day one

I’m taking part in the Artocalypse Digital Art Swap and true to form, I’m already a day behind.

But, I have created a piece which represents my digital identity. I don’t display images in my blog, so you’ll have to click this link if you want to see it.

I settled on the name of uncountable for my website because that is the name of the next infinity bigger than the counting numbers. It is immeasurably larger and represented by the symbol Aleph 1. This symbol is the logo that I use for the site.

I took the logo and made even bigger infinities from it for my artwork. I have uncountably many thoughts that are not captured in this blog.

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Thoughts from others

  1. Stream of consciousness writing because there’s just too many thoughts about this amazing event and the person who’s art piece it is, mister Chris Shaw.…