Evolving libraries

Tracy paints a vision of libraries as publishers, in particular being a place for publishing zines and websites for the local community.

This is something that swirls my head all the time. I created a community hub to bring together good information about sustainability in our local area. The idea is to create a space outside of social media where people can just write and have conversations with other like minded locals.

I also run the Dursley Code Club in the library after school for the 8-13 year olds. They create their own websites on neocities with their hobbies and interests. They are so liberated by the ability of being able to publish freely.

We have obtained some funding, and I’d like to purchase web hosting that can be used to allow people in the area to create wordpress blogs. But, the procurement processes are dire and I dread to think what options actually exist to spend money in this area.

I feel like I need to put a call out to local bloggers to see if we can come up with an environment that doesn’t require the bureaucracy of local government, but can still be centred around the library as a hub.

We certainly don’t have the budget or brand of LA public library, but these ideas are universal. Libraries through the ages have been very resilient at adapting to the changes in society and reflecting their needs.

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