First steps with POSSE

I recently returned to LinkedIn after a two year hiatus and it’s been interesting to engage there in an entirely different way than before.

Each day I made a post, consisting of a link to one of my blog articles, together with a few lines of introductory text. Contrary to popular beliefs, people do actually click on links and leave the platform garden.

People love links.

Just prior to re-joining LinkedIn, I was getting around 20-30 visitors a day to my blog. A number which delights no end. I don’t track or sell on this site, but it makes me very happy if people want to come here to read.

Since re-joining, the daily visitor number is around 110-140 visitors a day. Around 650 visitors in less than a week.

Contrast that with the “who’s viewed your profile” metric on LinkedIn. Today that sits at 182 after one week. So way more people have actually visited my website (my digital identity and home) than clicked on the internal platform profile page.

There are many benefits to POSSE. You are in control of what to publish and how to present it. You are not a slave to the algorithm of a third party platform.

And, honestly, people seem to prefer it. Pulling them into your digital corner affords a brief respite from the featureless platform scroll.

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