Freezing LinkedIn again

A few weeks ago, I went back to LinkedIn in search of a download for my old post and comments. I intend to put them on this site so that all my writing is together.

It took a bit longer than expected, because the automated download was incomplete on my profile. I went through a few iterations with LinkedIn support and today received the full set of data. 700 posts and 27,000 comments. So that will take some time to clean up and post here in a sensible fashion.

Anyway, now I don’t really have a reason to stay on LinkedIn much longer. It’s been a real joy catching up with people who I haven’t spoken to in a while. But really, the rest of it is deadly dull. It also takes up too much of my digital time.

I am yearning for my IndieWeb lifestyle back. Browsing RSS, writing posts on my websites and entering blog carnivals.

The LinkedIn tab is a digital demon trying to entice me back into a world of algorithmic soup.

I won’t leave in a hurry. Anyone who wants to stay in contact can have my WhatsApp. Maybe in another week or so, I’ll enter the deep freeze.

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