Junited 2024

A brilliant and simple idea from Robert (just another swede) to connect and share during the month of June.

I will update this post with a list of links that inspire and deserve to be shared.

  • First up is Apple Annie’s retrospective of the WeblogPoMo. I didn’t participate, but enjoyed the influx of posts from others into my RSS reader each day. I wholeheartedly agree that intimate connection through community is the joy of blogging.
  • An intriguing summer blogging competition by Adam Mastroianni with prizes. I have an idea which I’m working on to enter.
  • Juha-Matti wrote about how it feels to read RSS feeds and I whole-heartedly agree. I have exactly the same experience and I just wonder quite what I did when I wasn’t using an RSS reader.
  • An interesting conversation between Charley Johnson and Tamara Kneese on the subject of what happens online when we die. This is good background for my ongoing project to have my writing being read in 200 years time.
  • An alternative way to live cheaply by choice by my LinkedIn friend Daryl which I was happy to read in my RSS app first before I saw he also posted the onto LinkedIn.
  • Rebecca Toh followed through on her dream idea and created a shared community library in Singapore called the casual poet library.
  • Manu mused about the money conundrum, something which I have a lot of thoughts on, so I will hopefully do a reply post soon.

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