The winter habitat season is coming to an end and we are transitioning slowly into spring. So, I’ll be working on a variety of projects over the next few months of summer 2024:

  • Wildflower surveys
  • Tree resurvey along the canal
  • Himalayan Balsam pulling
  • Mulching trees
  • Sowing seeds into grassland
  • Harvesting seeds
  • Start planning for the October Walking festival
  • Organise summer green drinks sessions
  • Summer term coding club after school in the library
  • Environmental land management plan for the local town
  • Plan and lead a Tree walk
  • Weekly land management at Wild Acres
  • New idea for the Artocalypse

Quite a list when you write it down. There’s plenty of other admin type activities as well, so my calendar will be pretty full.

You can follow along in my diary to see how I actually get on with this list

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