Private websites

Sara asked whether we have private parts of our websites, and what do we use them for.

My principal private service is my RSS, which consists of two parts: FreshRSS for the reader itself and FullTextRSS to convert partial feeds to full feeds so I don’t have to leave the reader.

There is an option to display your feed publicly in FreshRSS, but I don’t do this to avoid legal problems (I don’t have the right to republish other people’s content on my site). I sometimes give friends the aggregated feed links so they can put in their readers though.

My RSS stream is by far the main way I consume content on the web. I’m not on social media. So having control of exactly what content I want to see is critically important.

As a bonus, this is also the way I interact with youtube. It turns out that if you push a youtube channel RSS through FullTextRSS, then you end up with an embedded video in your feed which doesn’t carry ads. You also get the advantage of seeing everything in your stream that you subscribe to (unlike the youtube app which only presents you a subset of your subscriptions plus a load of other stuff you don’t follow).

So, I suppose my website has turned into my own social media platform. I use it to create content in my blogs, host my profile and consume through my reader.

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