Re: Delete your news apps!

Willow has put together an excellent guide to deleting your news app and moving to RSS:

These days, nearly everyone with a smartphone seems to get their news from news apps and social media. Algorithms are designed to get them glued to the screen and continually outraged about whatever topic gives the media outlets and app developers more engagement, more clicks, and by extension, higher ratings and ad revenues.

At the same time, we seem to have forgotten how to read. We just skim through the outrage-inducing headlines and lead paragraphs, and before we even critically understand them, we propagate them by hitting the “share” button.

Often the best technologies the Internet has to offer are still the ones that have the longest history dating back before “Web 2.0,” that is, the advent of social media and walled-garden online experiences.

Delete your news apps.

Say hello to RSS readers.

Willow not only lays out the motivation to consuming news in a different way but also provides an extensive set of steps on how to do it. Including a link to RSS Lookup which I didn’t know existed and is a key tool to adoption in my opinion.

I’m a big advocate of owning your scroll and moved to my own instance of FreshRSS a few months ago. Currently I follow 600+ sources – news, blogs, magazines, youtube and more. It’s also a great discovery tool. Indeed, I found Willow’s post by following something else, and now I’ve added her RSS directly.

If you’re not already using RSS, I urge you to check her post and take it for a test drive. Once you start following a few feeds, you won’t look back and you won’t be scrolling social media quite so much.

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