Re: Open web discussions

There’s an ongoing discussion about the best way to have conversations on the web, and Juha-Matti contributed his thoughts about open web discussion recently.

He sums up the practice nicely, and something I very much agree with:

For me, the act of sending a webmention is not the important or valuable part. That’s equivalent to clicking the Send email button. The intention comes through the writing of a blog post and participation in discussion.

I have a bias towards discussion in the open that I know probably most people don’t agree on. Many like to keep the discussions in small circles and behind closed doors. And there definitely are topics where I like to do that as well, especially very personal ones.

I have a mix of posts on my site, some are responses to other people and some are my standalone thoughts. Intent is a big part of a response post. I do use webmention, but I never assume the other person has it configured, so I either drop them a comment or an email with the link to my post.

Conversations do not have to be one to one, but they do have to have intent. The intent behind this post, for example, is to draw attention to more ways you can get writing inspiration. Instead of trying to dream up new topics, open your RSS reader and find a recent post that you have a point of view on and continue the conversation.

Linking to other people’s post has a huge benefit on digital well being. You are not a lone blogger, typing into the abyss. You are part of a much bigger network of independent writers leaving a public record of your views on the world.

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