Reclaiming my history

I finally obtained my post history from LinkedIn after returning there recently. It took a few goes with the support team, but I finally received the zip (the automated process didn’t work for me, possibly because my account had been frozen so long).

I have over 700 posts starting in 2009, although most were 2018-2022. This was me blogging, before I got my own blogging platform. So I will import them here so my digital history is as complete as possible.

I’m still awaiting to see if they can retrieve my comment history. I’m not so sure how important that really is, since they will be just out of context statements. But, I have a couple of ideas that I might play around with, should they ever arrive.

I did also receive my DM history, but of course, that is not for publishing.

This is all part of my longer term project to have my writing be available for reading in 200 years time. It’ll be a relief to freeze my LinkedIn account shortly which will free up time to work on more important things.

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