Returning to LinkedIn

I made a surprising detour this week by returning to LinkedIn after two years. I was inspired after writing about my 200 year writing plan and also by recovering the half dozen posts from my very first blog.

I wrote an awful lot of posts on LinkedIn between 2018 and 2022. Although I didn’t perceive it as such, I was actually blogging, but within the confines of that platform. So that writing represents a huge chunk of my output and needs to be stored here rather than get lost forever in their scroll.

So I unfroze my account and set to work finding how to download the post archive. While there, of course I couldn’t resist looking a few people up and making a couple of posts. There are a few people on there who I enjoyed much banter with over the years and it was lovely to slide into comment threads and connect with them again.

Of course, I also dropped links to this blog and my diary, and those posts generated a nice collection of comments from people I know. According to the dashboard, my posts generated 11,000 views in two days – no doubt boosted by an algorithm wishing to inject as much dopamine as possible to a returning member.

But my overwhelming sense was boredom. Scrolling and commenting on LinkedIn is terribly dull. I put out a poll asking if people would still come on LinkedIn if they no longer worked, and half said no.

So half the people are on there only to improve their work outcomes.

It shows. Work is an important component of life, but sharing the experience with others is wretched.

I’m unable to invest the time needed to stay on LinkedIn permanently. Here’s my plan of action:

  • Get the old posts and figure out the best way to import them here
  • Drop in a daily post with a link back to an article I’ve written on my own blogs. Practising POSSE in other words.
  • Evangelise RSS and having your own blog to give people on there an alternative option for digital living.
  • Banter with a few people in the comment section of other people’s post.
  • Stay on long enough to launch the Artocalypse site in a few weeks.

Then, once the dopamine has worn off, I’ll freeze the account again and return to my IndieWeb existence.

I do rather like the idea of being a digital Brigadoon though. Every so often, I will unfreeze the account again and dance for a week before returning back here.

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