Some things money can’t buy

One of the advantages of being able to allocate your own time is that you can get to have experiences that even money can’t buy.

The favourite part of my week is on Monday and Tuesday afternoons where I run the Dursley Code Club after school in the local library. We have 8 computers and children who want to learn and explore coding book in advance and come along for free.

It’s really about allowing them to explore their own digital creativity. We do Scratch, python and web programming. There is an excellent set of project and syllabus materials on the raspberry pi website, but after the children have been coming a while, they prefer to do their own thing.

I don’t really mind what they do, whether it’s a simple program or drawing their own character. The idea is to show them that computers can be used to create whatever is in their head. There’s no need to just be a passive consumer of whatever the computer presents to you.

It’s not a terribly difficult thing to prepare for. After 43 years of programming computers, I’ve amassed enough confidence to hold my own with questions from an 8 year old. Most weeks it’s the same children returning so I get to know their strengths and preferences.

But the only reason I am privileged to witness this at all, is I have time to dedicate to it. This is my journey, and I do the things I want to.

Your journey is very different to mine. But I’m sure however you allocate time will determine the enjoyment you get from yours.

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