Starting my second blog

Today I finally bit the bullet and finally created another blog to house all my non diary thoughts.

I’ve been keeping an online diary for about a year to record the things I do day to day. I’ve been very happy with that, and it’s a nice way to share with the various groups I’m involved with.

But it’s purpose is very clearly a diary. If I started putting random thoughts or musings on investing, it would quickly become un-navigable and unreadable.

So this blog is for all that. I probably won’t put images here and keep the styling as simple as possible. New articles will get added when I feel like writing. But I want to get started on a few things burning through my mind:

  • Lifestyle investing and financial independence
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Indieweb
  • Tech side projects

I’ll create some categories to organise the posts to help readers find only the topics that interest them.

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