The money conundrum

Manu wrote a piece about the dislike of money as a mechanism to put a value on what you do. This quote strikes at the heart of his conundrum:

This constant tension between money on one side and the desire to help others on the other is also why I live on the edge of constant burnout. Saying no to people is hard when you know you have the skills necessary to help them. And it’s why I always end up with way too many projects going on at the same time and find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about all the things that I have to do and I won’t have time to do.

My starting point for thinking about money is time itself, the most precious and continuously depreciating asset we own. In my post Why accumulate wealth I discuss a broad motivation for how to gain control of your time, and use it as a different basis for living.

It’s not easy – it took me over two decades – but with focus on these four factors, you will eventually reach a point where money supports your desired lifestyle.

One interesting observation I do have regarding Manu’s last sentence in the quote above is that money won’t fix that. I became financially independent in 2019 and now live a completely different lifestyle documented here. But I am over-committed on every single axis I operate along. So I suffer from exactly the same middle night fears and emotions.

There are just too many things that you can allocate time to. Even an infinite amount of money won’t buy more time. So now I am focusing only on those activities which allow me to live at a sustainable pace.

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