This is your morning wake up call . . .

“You cannot beat the market”

You probably think you can.

You may even have a story where you made 100% on something over some time period. But turning £10,000 into £20,000 does not mean you have beaten the market. Nor is it particularly going to alter the course of your life.

Accepting guaranteed market return over many decades as an outcome greatly simplifies your investing journey. And will get you to the destination quicker.

Market return is enough to bring you financial independence (when coupled with three other factors). You don’t really need to beat the market to build wealth.

Trying to beat market return will give you an 80% chance of under performing the market. The principle reason you can’t beat the market is you don’t possess more information than the market.

But that won’t stop you trying.

The market is just a mechanism for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient. I’ll just patiently wait while you try.

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