Quick Thoughts . . .

  • In response to Michelle’s post, RSS is jolly good indeed.

    I honestly don’t even visit news sites like the BBC anymore. There are over 250 RSS feeds in my reader, organised into categories and it’s very easy to digest. Sometimes I read news, sometimes magazines, but mostly it’s other blogs. Real posts written by real people.

  • In reply to Kimberly’s post, I don’t identify as an artist. But I do identify as a creative, and the things that make me most happy is when I’m creating things (on my own or with others).

  • Just checked my google search console and now down to only six pages being indexed. Hopefully it’ll get to zero soon, then the bots will be excluded altogether.

    All pages on all subdomains of uncountable.uk are set to noindex, nofollow. You’ll have to stumble upon me to find me.

  • Just cancelled my monthly spotify subscription which I’ve been paying since 2010. I don’t really use the service enough, or care enough about specific music.

    I’ll use this opportunity to explore IndieWeb music sources, so contact me if you know any.

  • Contemplating using the wordpress comment system to create an ultra lightweight community page for readers to interact with me on.

  • When I add a new RSS feed to my reader, it automatically pulls in all the posts from the new source and places them at the top, regardless of date order. This particularly screws up my blogroll

    So now I leave them in the “uncategorised” folder for a few days and then move them into the blog folder so new posts come in order with everything else.

  • Put my name down to be the IndieWeb blog carnival host for May 2025.

    Gives me a year to contribute to the other ones and get the hang of how to do it.

  • Just submitted my first entry into a blog carnival.

    Feel like I’m part of IndieWeb proper now.

  • I’ve always tried hard to create unique post names to avoid wordpress adding -1 to the end of the url.

    But this is actually the ideal way to version control things you do repeatedly. I’m going to embrace this as a feature from now on.

  • Turns out that shortcodes in wordpress posts don’t get evaluated when they are rendered in the latest post block. The shortcode itself just appears.

    Which is annoying.