Week Notes – 7 Apr

Getting this website into a style that I like, and writing initial content has been front and centre each day. Already it feels like something which encourages me to pick up and write. I’ve been surprised by how often I have written a piece.

Not so much outdoor activity, as habitat management comes to an end. The usual wild acres Tuesday followed by the initial tree survey on Wednesday.

On Thursday I met with people from school in London. I travelled there with Dave, who I see regularly as he lives close by. We had out usual stream of tech chat, which left me with more angles to explore.

RSS has been an obsessive thread through these past few weeks. Although it’s clunky and out of reach for most people, I still think it’s the building block to escape social media but still stay in touch. I’m going to experiment with an RSS experience on the Artocalypse to try and produce a discovery service.

And IndieWeb is influencing me heavily. I entered my first blog carnival and put my name down to host one next year. Week Notes are standard fare on IndieWeb sites, as is a blog roll.

I also reached out to two prominent bloggers on the IndieWeb, as well as the carnival host. So that’s three people I have contacted, and received a reply from over email. Social contact without a social network.

That spurs me on to explore more on how digital life outside of big tech can be.

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