Week Notes – 21 Apr

A week in three parts.

Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to Wild Acres. We had a development day on Monday which was well attended by a lot of organisations from around the county. Usual Tuesday session focussed on the meadow restoration at the bottom of the meadow.

I contacted some friends from Glorious Grasslands and GWT who had expressed and interest in seeing Wild Acres to see if they want to help with the path restoration, and they are coming down next week.

Made great progress on the new Artocalypse app on my PC. Essentially it is a customisation of FreshRSS that will run on the root domain with some additional sign up pages in wordpress.

Had a setback when I restarted the PC and lost the install settings in the development docker container. There’s very little documentation on FreshRSS so I had to reverse engineer exactly where everything is stored. I’ve now got a new configuration which is a lot more controlled.

On the plus side, there were 5 updates from the upstream FreshRSS build. Good to see it’s an actively maintained project. I’ve placed all my customisations into a separate directory and they will be mounted manually as an overlay to the standard build. So hopefully I’ll only need to track upstream updates for those particular customised files and manually merge in any changes (if I need to)

Also made progress with Anna on the glorious grasslands wildflower survey app. She has simplified the methodology for 2024 which will make it much easier to implement. There’s a test session planned for mid May and I should be able to get the app ready for that.

On the downside, the tree survey was abandoned this week due to poor coverage and inability to update the online record. I’ll have to prepare a paper backup system to cope with situations like this.

Snooker started this weekend for two weeks, so a great opportunity to spend evenings watching great matches. Will be hard to clear some diary time, but I won’t be putting in too much new stuff for the next fortnight.

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