Week Notes – 28 April

First half of the week was outdoor work, and the second half was catching up on admin and applications at home.

I made some useful connections with the Painswick Beacon team who I happened to hear on Tuesday had some spare electric fencing that we might be able to borrow. As it happens, I met the guy by chance on Wednesday on a job in Painswick so things worked well.

However, Anna also told me that Glorious Grasslands has a load of new, never been used electric fences, so I’ll use that instead. This is all for the goat at Wild Acres.

I took a team of three people I work with on other projects down to Wild Acres on Tuesday and it turned out a successful day. Hopefully they will come back again in the future.

Lorna did a brilliant talk in Wotton on Thursday evening about wildflower meadow restoration in the Cotswolds. It was videoed so I’ll be sending that link around to people when it’s available.

Made good progress with the wildflower survey app. Sent to Lorna and Anna for testing, but I think that’s in the home straight. Unlike the tree app which needs a paper version as a backup due to poor coverage.

The app triumph though was the artocalypse. I have a pretty much ready set of code for the core app. Just need a wordpress instance creating to support the backend.

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